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The Bibitec bibs is a multi-purpose, non-toxic, Made In America product for all kid’s zero to 7 years old.

The patented bib’s made out of recycled poly-nylon with two one of a kind sides. It’s no longer a bib particularly made simply for your toddler, however one with you additionally in mind.

Bibitec bibs

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Bibbitec?

Mark Cuban – Mark tells Susie that she is the incorrect individual to run this business, and that she desires to locate a university pupil to run the business, and promote the product. He is out.
Daymond John – can not assist them teach human beings about Bibitec bibs, he is out.
Kevin O’Leary – says he is heartbroken, asking do you suppose we are no longer astute investors? You are dropping your households cash each month. Kevin is out.

Her intuition is to go out, and she is out.
Robert Herjavec – thinks it is a magnificent product, however they want to attempt and license it. Robert here is a lot of difficult techniques on how to promote this, he is out.

Bibbitec after Shark Tank

The recommendation from the Sharks hurt, however they modified up their method after they walked out of the tank and shifted the enterprise and advertising and marketing away shape Susie and over to Steve. They focal point on promoting their merchandise via Amazon promoting over 3,000 bibs at $22 each.

But, there is more. due to the fact the internet site is now gone, and a search of Amazon exhibit no extra Bibbitec bibs. The business enterprise seems to be out of business.

Bibbitec Shark Tank Pitch

Bibbitec is the advent of Susie and Steve Taylor, who grew worn-out of bibs that might not maintain their messy boys clean. They designed a bib that slides over the head and thru the fingers of your child, securing the bib in area and preserving the children clean. They even make use of a extraordinary patented material that may not depart stains, by no means smells and may not go away an order whilst searching new.

Cost to make Bibbitec bibs is steeply-priced at $15 each, they retail at $24.99 on their website. Online Catalogs are promoting Bibbitec at $49.95. They have $17,000 in income in the final twelve months with 2,000 bibs offered over 4 years.

Retail stores don’t seem to be carrying Bibitec bibs due to the fact it requires training to promote towards different bibs.

They have invested $75,000 in their product, and are no longer making cash on Bibbitec.

Bibbitec Bib

Susie stated the orders began pouring in after the short section on the World News.

It appears like the Ultimate Bibitec bibs has met these necessities doubtlessly turning into an good sized success story.

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Season 4, episode 413
From nearly the whole thing that I should find, it appears like the key market they are focusing on is the child market. After observing her son’s making brownie’s in the kitchen all carrying a Bibitec bibs, my opinion would be to make these obligatory in all kindergarten classrooms.

Bibitec bibs


Susie and Steve Taylor entered the Shark Tank searching for $40k for a 14% stake in the Bib Biz. The bibs presently promote for $24.99 and price $15 to produce. This sends Kevin O’Leary into a hitty-fitty over the prices and says it would be tons less expensive shopping for a bunch of low-priced bibs. Susie tries to shield the rate by using announcing the common Mom spends $400 on bibs annually. Annually? That’s a difficult tablet for the Sharks to swallow making an attempt to draw close how many you can purchase for that much.
The Taylor’s already bought round 2000 Bibitec bibs over the remaining 4 years, and once more attracts a response from O’Leary. They had approx. $17,000.00 in whole income the preceding 12 months that now attracts a now not so top “That’s it” from Robert Herjevic. Daymond John says they want to get the manufacturing expenses down to $5 and retail down to $19.99 to make this a aggressive product. Steve, I think, made an tremendous mistake pronouncing they solely should if they trade the material. Isn’t that what makes the Bibbitec so special in the first place?

Is Bibitec nonetheless in business?

Taylor closed the Bibbitec in 2018. Susie used to be educated as an actor and has lower back to her profession. She writes a weblog the place she discusses her time on Shark Tank and lets her readers recognize that she is “letting go” of the business.
Bibbitec after the Shark Tank Update

Susie took her bibs to the New York Baby Show in May 2013 looking for consumers for her product and it seems the agency is gaining momentum with discerning mothers everywhere. In July, 2018, Susie closed the enterprise and stopped promoting her bibs.

How tons is dare you go bib worth?

50% of sales from will go to racial equality charitable reasons due to the fact we care about the future of this country and all of the humans whom stay in it.” As of August, 2022, she’s nonetheless in enterprise and doing well. Her pronounced internet well worth is $46 million.


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