Whats WebViewGold review

WebViewGold review is an revolutionary no-code WebView app template for Xcode designed to make matters less difficult for you: Create your very own apps for iOS effortlessly the use of your current internet apps. Create your very own apps for iPhone & iPad with simply a few clicks and besides any grasp of code. Use your cell internet app as the basis, and the WebViewGold app template wraps your URL content material into a real, native iOS app! No greater coding, no extra plugins needed, it simply works.


How will my app seem like?

WebViewGold review Your app will work as a full-screen browser. Users will navigate your internet app precisely as your internet app on iOS Safari Browser except the browser interface. Please take a appear at our instance apps.

Do I want any coding skills?

No. WebViewGold review is a 100%-ready app template, and the setup of your app works barring any grasp of coding.

Will Apple approve this app for the Apple App Store?

Yes, WebViewGold review comes with an Apple App Store approval guarantee. Take a seem at our instance apps. However, make certain that your app content material does no longer contradict the prison necessities of the Apple App Store. If Apple rejects your WebView app, we can provide you a full refund of the WebViewGold license (by claiming inside 14 days after purchase). Feel free to ship all the important points to support@onlineappcreator.com – we are glad to assist you.

What do I need, what are the requirements?

You want to have an present internet app or internet site that you prefer to convert into an app. Afterward, simply down load the WebViewGold app template and comply with the convenient step-by-step documentation.

Will my app work offline?

If you furnish a neighborhood HTML folder, yes. If your net content material is hosted on a website, your app will show a lovely Offline display screen with a “Try again” button instead. Moreover, WebViewGold presents a fallback mode that makes use of an HTML folder if the consumer is offline, and makes use of a far off URL if the person is online.

Can you create an person demo app for me?

Unfortunately, we can’t build customized apps as a demo. But your app will seem to be and work like your net app in Safari (iOS) We choose you to see us as a companion you can continually remember on – even in the not likely case of bother with the Apple App Store Review Team. Please take a look at out the instance apps.

How can I make sure that my internet app/website has a great, app-like consumer ride that satisfies my future app users?
Please think about a expert User Experience/UX Review on UXreviewer.io or comparable services. Such a UX overview with guidelines for enchancment helps you to obtain higher purchaser retention for your website, net app, and app.

Can you assist me with the App Store submission procedure / publishing with Apple?

Yes, help for unique questions or issues at some stage in the publishing procedure is free (terms and prerequisites apply). Or pick out the publishing carrier from appsubmitter.io.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! If Apple rejects your app, we provide you a full refund of your WebViewGold review license (by claiming inside 14 days after purchase).

Can I contact you if I want customized app solutions?
Yes, at any time. We create obvious prices for brilliant apps, and we use the great equipment (like Slack) for participating on joint projects.


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