UNG D2L Complete Guide 2022

UNG D2L (eLearning@UNG) is the on line mastering administration device at the University of North Georgia and makes use of the platform Brightspace with the aid of D2L. It is a distance gaining knowledge of platform used throughout the University System of Georgia.


Navigate to UNG D2L

Enter your username (username@ung.edu)
Enter your password
Click “Sign In” to log into your dashboard.
UNG D2L Login page
UNG D2L Login page
If you forgot your UNG password, click on on the “Change/Forgot Password” hyperlink beneath the web page and observe the steps to reset your password.

Login - University of North Georgia

How do I use eLearning at UNG D2L?

DETI’s Online Student Success group has created an eLearning UNG D2L Tutorial. You can self-enroll in the tutorial inside eLearning@UNG (D2L). The hyperlink for self-enrollment is placed on the proper hand facet of your eLearning@UNG (D2L) homepage. You can additionally locate tutorial movies and greater D2L assets on the eLearning@UNG (D2L)new window homepage. If you want in addition assistance, contact by using electronic mail at deti@ung.edu.

How do I discover my direction inside eLearning UNG D2L?

All of your publications are listed inside “My Courses”. If your direction is now not “pinned” on the homepage, click on on the “view all courses” link. Once you locate your course, you can “pin” it and get right of entry to it at once from the homepage. Detailed guidelines can be determined inside the “Finding and Pinning a Course” useful resource on the right-hand facet of your eLearning UNG D2L new window homepage.

I have in no way taken an on line class. Are there any recommendations and hints you can suggest?
The Online Student Success group has numerous guidelines and hints at your disposal. For targeted information, go to the Online Learning Tips webpage. If you want similarly assistance, contact UNG at deti@ung.edu.

I am now not very skilled with the usage of computers. Are there any assets that should assist me?
Along with the data inside UNG’s Online Learning Tips webpage, go to the Goodwill Community Foundation’s technological know-how tutorials. They provide tutorials on the usage of the Microsoft Office suite, web usage, laptop basics, and more.

Do I have get entry to to tutors online?

Yes, UNG provides free on-line tutoring 24/7 thru Smarthinking. You can get admission to Smarthinking immediately via your guides in UNG D2L window (for UNG Online classes) or thru your publications in GoVIEWnew window (for eCore classes).

What is a Unicode character?

A Unicode personality is any persona no longer on a U.S. keyboard (e.g. a persona of a non-english language). Note, it is an non-compulsory requirement.

What is my Username?

To look up your Username, go to https://activate.ung.edu

Why is my enrollment outdated?
This message refers to Password Management only. You will want to contact the Service Desk to get your password reset.


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