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Every parent wants nothing but the best for their kids, and in this era, it is becoming a more difficult goal to achieve. In the interconnected world, the screen and online platforms are way too significant for kids. Keeping the kids safe from all possible threats and dangers is another difficult thing for parents to manage. Parental control apps or monitoring tools have emerged as beneficial tools to empower parents to give them their roles back of guardians of the kids. Among the list of many apps, SecureKin is the one that has many benefits and can be used as a helping hand in parenting by the parents. 

SecureKin Parental Control App:

SecureKin App is a cell phone monitoring tool that offers its services for Android and iPhone users. Parents willing to use the app have to choose the platform and install the app in the kid’s Android or iPhone for using a monitoring tool. Once the app is installed parents can have insights about their kid’s life through the kid’s cell phones without even letting them know. 

Features and Specifications: 

Real-Time Location

Real-time location tracking is one of the excellent and most needed features offered by the SecureKin app. It involves live location tracking of the kids at any given time. With the feature, the parents can know where to track the kids in case of any emergency or accident. The same feature can be used to retrieve the stolen or lost devices of the kids. 


Filter all the content as much as you want with the web filtering feature of the app. It lets the parents control and filter the content of their kids’ devices and can successfully block access to inappropriate or harmful content. 

Browsing History

As the feature name suggests it’s about tracking the browsing history of the kids. The feature allows the parents to review and check all the websites visited by the kids. This type of insight into the browsing history can help them track any possible issue right away. So if your kid is visiting porn sites frequently you can know about it and take action. 

Screen Time

Screen time management is all about keeping control of the screen habits of the kids. The feature reports about start and ending time and overall time consumed on any app. It can let the parents promote a balanced lifestyle among the kids. 

Activity Report

The feature offers a comprehensive review of all the app logs of the kids. Parents can know about online interactions, time spent on any app, the type of website visited by the kids, and more. 

App Block

Restrict access to unwanted apps or harmful content with the help of the App Block feature. The SecureKin app not only offer excellent services to the parents in highlighting issues but it also offers immediate solution as well. 

Location History

The location history feature helps track any pattern in the whereabouts and movements of the kids. All the places and locations visited by the kids are saved and stored on the online portal by the location history feature. 


Get the keylogger to most of the activities of the kids on the cell phone with the help of the keylogger feature. It is useful in keeping up with the kids. 


  • SecureKin is a unique app that offers all the monitoring tools required for keeping up with the tech-savvy generation.
  • It is very easy to use so even if you consider yourself a nontech person, You can still use it easily without any worry. 
  • The app has a sort duration installation step and a very simple one as well. So if you are looking for an app that is not complicated then this one is for you. 
  • You can enjoy even the most advanced features of the SecureKin app in the monthly bundle offer. So, no more discrimination between basic and advanced features and bundles. 
  • Remote monitoring is another major benefit of using this app. 
  • SecureKin is a cloud-based app so users can log in to the portal from anywhere and access the recorded data. 


  • Technical glitches can cause a little inconvenience on some occasions. 
  • Do not get dependent on the parental control tools and always try to discuss matters with the kids openly as well. 

Get your favorite bundle today and enjoy the features. Giving the app a try is what you need to know about its importance and worth. Have faith and install the app on the kid’s cell phones you will never regret it.


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