NumLookup vs. numverify: Which Phone Number Lookup

NumLookup vs. numverify In a world where unwanted calls and unfamiliar numbers can disrupt our lives, phone number lookup services have become essential. NumLookup and numverify are two prominent players in this field. Let’s explore how they stack up against each other.

Accuracy Comparison

NumLookup Accuracy

NumLookup boasts an impressive accuracy rate of over 90%. It provides comprehensive information about the owner of a phone number, including their name, location, and even their email address in some cases. This level of detail can be invaluable when you’re trying to identify an unknown caller or verify a contact’s details.

numverify Accuracy

Numverify, on the other hand, also offers accurate results, with an accuracy rate comparable to NumLookup. It provides information about the phone number’s owner, including their name and location. However, it may not provide as much additional detail as NumLookup.


NumLookup Features

NumLookup comes with a user-friendly website and a mobile app, making it convenient to use on various devices. It offers a reverse phone lookup feature, which allows you to search for information by entering a phone number. Additionally, NumLookup provides spam score information, helping you identify potential spam or fraud calls.

numverify Features

Numverify offers similar features, including reverse phone lookup capabilities and basic information about the phone number’s owner. While it may not have as many additional features as NumLookup, it still serves its primary purpose effectively.


NumLookup Pricing

NumLookup offers a free basic service that allows you to perform a limited number of lookups. For more extensive use, they offer affordable subscription plans starting at $9.99 per month. These plans come with unlimited searches and additional features such as email and address lookup.

numverify Pricing

Numverify also provides a free basic service with a limited number of lookups. Their premium plans start at $19.99 per month, offering unlimited searches and priority support. While it’s slightly more expensive than NumLookup, it may be worth considering if you need the extra features.

User Experience

NumLookup User Experience

Users have praised NumLookup for its user-friendly interface and quick results. The mobile app adds to its convenience, allowing users to perform lookups on the go. The spam score feature is particularly appreciated by those looking to filter out unwanted calls.

numverify User Experience

NumLookup vs. numverify also offers a straightforward user experience, with a simple website and easy-to-use search functionality. Users find it reliable and efficient, even though it may not have as many bells and whistles as NumLookup.


Both NumLookup and numverify are solid choices for phone number lookup services. They offer accurate results, user-friendly interfaces, and competitive pricing. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you value additional features and a slightly lower price point, NumLookup may be the better option for you. However, if you’re looking for a straightforward and reliable service, numverify is a strong contender.


  1. Is NumLookup’s free service sufficient for occasional use?
    • Yes, NumLookup’s free service is suitable for limited use and can be handy for occasional lookups.
  2. Do NumLookup and numverify provide information for international phone numbers?
    • Yes, both services offer international phone number lookup capabilities.
  3. Can I use NumLookup or numverify to identify potential spam calls?
    • Absolutely! Both services provide spam score information to help you identify and avoid spam calls.
  4. Are there any privacy concerns when using these services?
    • Both NumLookup and numverify prioritize user privacy and ensure that personal information is not misused.
  5. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    • Yes, both services offer flexible subscription plans that can be canceled at any time without any hassle.


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