How to get SoundBender on Amazon

SoundBender Amazon What’s greater stunning than having a profitable Kickstarter marketing campaign to galvanize the Shark Tank Investors? How about whole two inside 6 months and elevate at least double your purpose in every profitable campaign. That’s precisely what Moshe Weiss, a rabbi from St Paul, MN.and the Inventor of the SoundBender for iPads did. The Sound Bender is powerless iPad accent that amplifies the sound through numerous times.Now why didn’t Steve Job’s suppose of that?

SoundBender Amazon

Sounderbender now accessible for sale online

Moshe Weiss has been on a crash direction in the previous 12 months to deliver the Sound Bender to market.Mosche rapidly realized what he wished to do for a successful marketing campaign and re-launched on January 10, 2012

This used to be no exception for Moshe.Oops. That hassle used to be rapidly resolved and Mosche made correct on his phrase to change the malfunctioning Sound Benders

seen on the Shark Tank Show

SoundBender Amazon When Apple commenced releasing the iPad two & 3, Weiss wished to come up with a new sketch to accommodate it’s sleeker style. The new Sound Bender’s additionally constant the magnet trouble through enabling you to effortlessly take out and change the magnets.


Moshe Weiss has already managed to get the Sound Bender in 350 Walgreen Stores round the united states of america with extra quickly to be added. This kind of distribution is generally track to the Sharks ears. Weiss currently was once quoted announcing he has so some distance offered greater than 10,000 gadgets at that time.

What has me baffled on this specific product is the lack of on line presence Weiss has chosen no longer to pursue when hundreds of thousands of humans see the Sound Bender for the first time. The SoundBender Amazon internet site is as easy of a 3-page web site and no way of ordering the Sound Bender directly. It does have a cellphone wide variety 952-951-8434 which possibly a way of shopping for the Sound Bender without delay however that doesn’t make a lot feel (or dollars) in this day and age. Especially if 10,000 humans all attempt to name at the equal time. Instead, the web page refers you to both Amazon or EBay to purchase it online.

They additionally consist of the following:

“Please contact us with your particular requests, consisting of pastime in turning into an Authorized Reseller.”

Unfortunately for Weiss, the Shark Tank Show is on Friday Night, the day he observes the Sabbath and will be unable to watch the Show when he’s viewed through hundreds of thousands of people. No doubt he will watch it Saturday Morning for sure.

SoundBender Amazon

SoundBender Now Available at Amazon

SoundBender Amazon With such excessive margins, why now not additionally promote them without delay to the consumer? He additionally takes place to point out Walgreen’s has a sturdy hobby in caring this product on a countrywide level.

Barbara needs to be aware of how she would get her cash lower back from this invention. Moshe responds “I will write you a check.” Right answer!

Daymond John makes a Deal with Moshe Weiss and the Sound Bender Business!

You received a heck of a deal Daymond. I can’t trust Mosche didn’t strive to counter your provide which you KNOW you would have accepted: )


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